HUNT Real Estate ERA Seminars

On The House

HUNT real estate ERA seminar series

Home Buyer


Learn the Ins and Outs

Learn the ins and outs of buying your first home, mobbing up to a new home or downsizing. Includes information on qualifying for a mortgage, house shopping tips and understanding the process.

Home Seller


Sell Your Property in Today’s Market

Find out the most important things you can do to sell your property in today’s market. Includes information on pricing strategies, staging techniques, dos and don’ts of preparing your house for sale, and negotiating the offer.

Investment Property


Is Buying an Investment Property Right for You?

Learn about the benefits of owning an investment property. What are the four ways to build wealth in real estate? Understanding your Return On Investment. What type of investment property is best for you?

Estate Planning

and Real Estate

Protect Your Largest Investment.

Learn how to protect your largest Investment. What are my options if I am unable to stay in my home?

Second Home


Is a Second Home in Your Future?

What are the ownership opportunities that are available to me in and out of New York state? Are there any tax advantages to owning a second home?


Your Credit Score

What is a Credit Score?

What is a credit score? How is my credit score determined? What affects my credit score? What does my credit score need to be so I can buy a house?

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